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facebook_small.jpgADOTAS — Facebook Connect may be leveraged to finally make real money for the social network.

Connect user numbers and signed up sites are growing. The service allows its members to log onto other sites using Facebook ID and allows friends to see what they’re doing and seeing, both on the social network and the visited site. The idea is to create a new, expanded social web, where some user information is spread over the sites allowing Connect.

Facebook shares some data, with users’ permission, and the sites visited can better target their ads for users. In turn, the sites relay information back to Facebook.  Though the absurd “breast” controversy is the type thing that could scare some advertisers from Facebook.

Gawker apparently has already seen a spike in users and comments. Though Facebook connect, launched recently, has only about 100,000 users signed, the early assessment looks promising.

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  1. FB Connect looks very promising to help other sites that have added registration requirements (for things like commenting on Adotas as Mark pointed out). It also will help build out a “social web” with lots of connectivity, as the web has promised.

    (note: we look to implement it as well, but things take time with the limited resources these financial times have mandated)


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