Day of Reckoning for Yahoo


yahoo_dark_small.jpgADOTAS — Yahoo is undergoing a tramautic upheaval today as it lays off some 1,500 people company-wide.

Here are some of the other sites blow-by-blow of the unfortunate day, including layoff scripts, that seems to cap off weeks of bad news, though Yahoo’s status as an amazing search innovator makes this day significant.  It’s the comments that are wrenching, though to be honest some have a more hopeful attitude than I would ever have.

But as in most disruptions, there are opportunities. Allthings digital has a slide show from entrepreneur John Buckman at LeWeb in Paris offering a how-to-guide for building your own business. Considering the talent that is leaving Yahoo, it’s a timely guide to become big enough to never have to go through this again.

And meanwhile, major Yahoo stockholder Ivory Investment Management LP said that the company should sell its search business to Microsoft. Under the proposal, Microsoft would own and operate the combined search platform, with Yahoo becoming an affiliate that retains 80% of the revenue generated through searches on its own site. Finally, Microsoft would become the search engine for Yahoo’s existing search affiliates.


  1. Yahoo’s arrogant management is getting what they deserve. The blew opportunities to buy Google and Ebay on the cheap and instead wasted billions buying assets, eGroups and Launch that will never be monetized. A house of cards always falls and this house is worthlessly tumbling to the ground.


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