Ads Not Working? Change The Font


socialnetworking_revvs_small.jpgADOTAS — That seems to be the gist of this story about a “new breed” of companies that want to create hundreds of different versions of online ads, specifically changing color, fonts, message and images in an attempt to target users.

Despite a little hyperbole, “it is technology that could cause a shift in the advertising world,” it’s an interesting attempt to see if it’s not the message but the background that prompts a click. Two companies Adisn, based in Long Beach, and Tumri, based in Mountain View, are moving forward with analyzing the data, trying to figure out who is looking at a page using behavioral targeting and analysis of the page’s content and creating instant ads that are meant to appeal to the user.

The basic assumption is the more targeted an ad can be the better it works. “How do we combine creative energy, which is a manual and sort of qualitative exercise, with the raw processing power of computing, which is all about quantitative data?” Tim Hanlon, executive vice president of VivaKi Ventures, the investment unit of Publicis Groupe, told the Times.

Advertisers set the parameters for success for both companies, like the click rate or buy rate, comparing those to standard ads running as part of control group. I will note that all the people quoted in the story touting the experiment have an interest in promoting the companies.

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