A Buzz, A Possible Yahoo, A Playboy Depature


jobs_small.jpgADOTAS — Greg Osberg, who in September resigned as president of Newsweek, has been hired as chief executive officer of Buzzwire Inc., a Denver mobile-video company, according to WSJ.

The two-year-old Buzzwire helps mobile carriers and content producers publish video and Internet radio on mobile devices. It worked on Verizon Wireless’s m.vcast service, which lets users view and share videos on their cellphones, and also counts as clients AT&T Inc. and Alltel Corp., which has now been acquired by Verizon.

David Rosenblatt, Google’s head of display advertising, former DoubleClick CEO, SA 100 member, and Yahoo CEO candidate is joining IAC’s board. This shouldn’t affect his Yahoo CEO candidacy positively or negatively.

Christie Hefner, CEO of Playboy Enterprises, is leaving the family business, stepping down as chairman today and as CEO Jan. 31, 2009. She will leave the board when a new CEO is found. Effective immediately, board member Jerome Kern becomes interim non-executive chairman of the board.

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