2009 Revenue For Twitter


twitter_small.jpgADOTAS — Despite all the (ahem) uninformed skeptics, Evan Williams has, apparently, a plan to bring in money for the now-non-revenue
microblogging company.

Or so it seemed to some at a San Francisco event yesterday. Williams said the company is in talks with large consumer packaged good companies, whether to sell services or make money off its own Twitter feeds, it was unclear.

According to Rafe Needleman, Williams said, “We’re looking at Q1 for revenues…The original plan was to focus on revenues in 2010. That’s no longer the case, since I don’t want to raise money in 2009.” The plans aren’t just ads or sponsorships, “We want revenues to be product-based. Google built something that can really scale, and that’s our intention as well, ” the co-founder and CEO said.

(If Google is the model, it’s ambitious, but a bit of a reach).

Williams, who also co-founded Blogger, which was later sold to Google, believes staying small, or not hooking up with a bigger company or going into new areas, will actually allow the company to be better off in the long run. Williams mentioned that Twitter is working on grouping, enabling users to create subgroups, and making it easier for newbies.

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