Verizon Staff Hacked Into Old Obama Account


spy2.jpgADOTAS – Now is not the time for the tech industry to piss off the incoming president. Unfortunately, a gaggle of bored underlings at Verizon may have done just that. Verizon announced yesterday that employees had gained access to President-elect Barack Obama’s personal cell phone account.

While they were unable to hack into his voicemail messages or e-mail (the account was no longer active and it was a basic flip phone, not a BlackBerry) the timing couldn’t be worse for an industry that’s facing all kinds of regulatory and privacy issues.

Verizon issued this lame statement in response to the incident:
“This week we learned that a number of Verizon Wireless employees have, without authorization, accessed and viewed President-Elect Barack Obama’s personal cell phone account. The account has been inactive for several months.”
“All employees who have accessed the account – whether authorized or not – have been put on immediate leave, with pay. As the circumstances of each individual employee’s access to the account are determined, the company will take appropriate actions. Employees with legitimate business needs for access will be returned to their positions, while employees who have accessed the account improperly and without legitimate business justification will face appropriate disciplinary action.”


  1. They should fire those idiots for looking into his phone records, instead of giving them time off with pay. I’m going to guess they did this because the employees that did this, are either very high up at the company or it’s a case where very low level employees had no problem accessing his account and if this got out to the public, Verizon would be in deep Sh*t. i’m just glad i don’t have verizon. i hate their cheesy commercials too.


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