Smartphones Give Videogame Ads a Leg Up


phonegame.jpgADOTAS – It looks like Apple’s iPhone 3G has pushed mobile videogaming – and the ads that accompany it – on a collision course with cold, hard cash. Apple’s AppStore is rife with popular, frequently downloaded videogames and some are predicting that the mobile videogame universe could see the same kind of mainstream adoption that casual gaming has seen in recent years, AdAge reports.

All of this prompts the question: can an in-game advertising network be far behind for Apple?

Google already owns an in-game ad network, and Microsoft, which owns in-game ad network company Massive, may be working on a smartphone of its own, the publication reports. Sony-Ericsson is also said to be tinkering with a phone and has an in-house in-game ad team.

Some predict that smartphones may even replace other popular gaming devices.

“In the short term, DS and PSP still have a lot larger installed bases and more significant developer support,” Michael Cai, analyst with Parks Associates, told AdAge. “But going into the future when consumers are ready to replace their portable gaming devices, are they going to consider an iPhone instead? Yes, I’d bet a certain percentage will.”


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