RTC Unveils Personalized Video Solutions for U.S. Market


target1.jpgADOTAS – Real Time Content, a provider of online video ad technology, has moved into the U.S. market with what it said is the first Personalized Video solution available for ad agencies, online advertisers and online publishers that can deliver personalized video in real time.

RTC enables customers to create personalized campaigns based on viewer interaction and targeting data such as geographic location. The video and audio content are segmented and tagged based on campaign goals and assembled on-the-fly using RTC’s proprietary storyboarding software. RTC’s Personalized Video platform can deliver thousands of different versions of an ad based on a broad number of content variants included in the campaign.

“The campaigns we have executed in the U.K. with Personalized Video technology have typically resulted in double the click-through rates and sales conversions than traditional video campaigns,” said Naj Kidwai, CEO of Real Time Content. “In today’s economic climate, ad agencies are being held more accountable for their advertising initiatives, so measuring the impact of their marketing investment is critical.”


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