Mercedes Creates Invitation-Only Network for Gen Y


spying21.jpgADOTAS – Mercedes-Benz has created an online customer community for Generation Y in a bid to tap into their paradigm – and then turn around and market the hell out of them of course. The company has teamed up with Passenger to create the invite-only community, dubbed Generation Benz.

“Mercedes-Benz has always been highly attuned to the voice of its loyal customer base, which has helped propel our brand to where it is today,” said Stephen Cannon, vice president of marketing, Mercedes-Benz USA. “When our customers join the brand, they tend to stay. Our Generation Benz community is a natural extension of our desire to broaden the Mercedes-Benz family, and establish a dialogue with future buyers to guide us with the design of our vehicles and direction of our brand.”
Mercedes-Benz will elicit feedback on its cars, brand positioning and socio-cultural trends and will preview upcoming ads and marketing campaigns, in what it said is a first in the luxury auto space.

Passenger works with companies such as ABC, Chrysler, Coca-Cola and Fox to build and manage private online communities to make more informed business decisions, innovate more rapidly, and design better products and services.


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