Happy 10th Birthday Commission Junction!


winner.jpgADOTAS – ValueClick’s Commission Junction is celebrating its 10-year anniversary as one of the first global affiliate marketing networks. Commission Junction, among other things, was one of the first to introduce the idea of an open marketplace in which the performance metrics of advertisers and publishers are available to all network members.

The model provides advertisers and publishers with the incentive to perform well for each other, which helps build larger, symbiotic networks; essentially, it boosts what’s known as the “network effect.”

Some of the Commission Junction’s other best practices (which have been widely aped):
• Single Service Agreement: Commission Junction was the first to provide a single source for enabling publishers to work with an unlimited number of advertisers via one interface by completing a single service agreement, which also delivers the added benefits of consolidated reporting and payments.
• Earnings Per Click (EPC ): EPC, a performance metric that measures earnings per 100 clicks, was introduced by Commission Junction to ensure that advertisers were paying commissions and that publishers were producing sales and leads. Advertisers use EPC to determine their rankings against other advertisers in the network and in their own categories so that they can remain competitive. Publishers can view the trends for each advertiser’s EPC to reveal whose are increasing over time so that they can partner with those whose offers convert best.
• Program Term: To more effectively define the criteria by which a commission was paid, Commission Junction introduced the Program Term, which enabled advertisers to define the length of time post-click that they would pay commissions to publishers for subsequent sales or leads. The Program Term additionally enables advertisers to offer commissions for a defined number of sales following the click and to offer commissions for an unlimited number of sales during a defined referral period.
• CJ Performer Program: Commission Junction introduced the industry’s first recognition program for top-performing publishers, which benefits both publishers and advertisers by making it easier for them to form partnerships with the best performers in the verticals to which they market.
• International Program Support: Commission Junction is the first and only affiliate marketing network that enables advertisers and publishers to set up programs in their preferred languages and local currencies and to work with partners who have different languages and currencies.


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