MSN’s Advertiser Base Skyrockets, Beating Google, Yahoo


msnlogo.jpgADOTAS – AdGooroo, a provider of online marketing intelligence, has released its third quarterly report on performance indicators for Google, MSN and Yahoo.

MSN increased its active advertisers base by 19.3% in the third quarter, the report found. Google and Yahoo didn’t fare nearly as well.
“MSN looks to be in a strong position thanks to their ability to retain existing advertisers and bring in new ones in droves despite an uncertain economic environment,” said AdGooroo founder and chief Gooroo Rich Stokes. “We also measured a 3% increase in Google’s advertiser base; while Yahoo!’s active advertiser count dropped by 2.5%.”
While it appears that Google was taking steps to increase coverage (at least through July), ad coverage dropped to its lowest levels in August and September, suggesting that those two months may have been weak. Google also launched a new algorithm change in mid-September, which may be aimed at reducing low-priced inventory, a move which strongly favors big-budget advertisers, AdGooroo reports.
Although MSN and Google generated significant growth in the third quarter, Yahoo appears to be staying the course while it waits for the US government to approve its ad-sharing deal with Google. While Yahoo showed a slight decrease in active first-page advertisers in Q3, there were no other significant changes in other metrics.
AdGooroo provides competitive intelligence to search engine marketers through its tool suite, including AdGooroo Express, SEM Insight and Trademark Insight.


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