Moms Bloggers May Be Key to Marketing Success


woman_blogs_small.jpgADOTAS – Mom bloggers are controlling the conversations around brands and companies are beginning to take notice, a recent study has found.

“Every day, we work with hundreds of Mom Bloggers, both in terms of research as well as running extensive blog tours for corporations,” said Mom Central Consulting CEO Stacy DeBrof. “We wanted to share an elusive insider’s perspective into these Mom bloggers-who exactly they are and how they build powerful brand awareness and influence consumer behavior.”

Key study findings:
— 96% of Moms value recommendations they find on Mom Blogs
— Over 78% of Mom Bloggers now review products and services
— 94% of Moms rely on other Moms to make purchasing decisions
— More than 60% of Mom Bloggers consider making money important and want
more connectivity with companies
— 37% of Mom Bloggers have been contacted as resources for the press


  1. Mommy Bloggers are very influential – no doubt. But since we launched 3 months ago, we’ve been approached by a number of mega-brands, including Ford, Hasbro and WB, to reach out to our demo: PANKs – Professional Aunts No Kids – the other 50% of women who are NOT moms – but who have the discretionary income to spend on the children in their lives – and themselves. And at a time when luxury brands need help – PANKs are a great choice for outreach.


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