MediaBank Snags Mediaplex From ValueClick


handshake3.jpgADOTAS – Integrated tech solutions shop MediaBank has snapped up Mediaplex Systems, one of ValueClick’s technology units. Financial terms were not disclosed, but MediaBank said it includes the AdVault software suite of production, financial, and media planning and buying solutions for advertising agencies, its eBusiness efficiency enhancement products and its ContentDepot digital asset management suite.MediaBank made the buy to extend MediaBank’s industry footprint (adding several more advertisers and agencies to its client roster) and to enhance the company’s breadth of technology solutions for the advertising industry, a spokesperson told ADOTAS.

The company said the acquisition of the AdVault, ContentDepot, eBusiness solutions, and related platforms, which help advertisers, agencies and publishers manage their cross-media buying, production, finance, and related activities, will benefit the clients of both companies by providing access to a broad range of technology solutions to meet their advertising operations and analytics needs.

MediaBank plans to enhance the AdVault, ContentDepot, and eBusiness solutions technology, and extend the AdVault and ContentDepot platforms with elements of MediaBank’s innovations.

“With this acquisition we’re continuing to set ourselves apart from our competitors with technology and services that truly allow agencies and advertisers to work more efficiently and intelligently across all media channels,” said Brad Keywell, co-founder of MediaBank. “This acquisition helps us elevate our current product suite, and further demonstrates our commitment to provide our current and future clients the best workflow, analytics and business intelligence tools in the industry.”

As part of the deal, ValueClick will retain the separate Mediaplex online advertising technology solutions marketed under the MOJO brand, which is unrelated to the AdVault suite and a key part of ValueClick’s core online marketing services portfolio.


  1. Amazing! MediaBank buys another legacy system (following Datatech) and it’s suddenly the system of the future? It’s like buying Volkswagens and mashing them together in the hope of producing a Ferrari.


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