Marketo Unmasks New Email Delivery Solution


googlemail.jpgADOTAS – Lead management vendor Marketo has enhanced its email deliverability solutions with the goal of giving marketers a more powerful way to reach the inbox of prospects and customers.

“All the creativity and planning that goes into a targeted email marketing campaign is meaningless if marketers’ emails don’t reach their intended inboxes,” said Phil Fernandez, president and CEO of Marketo. “Every undelivered email is a lost lead and therefore marketing spend goes down the drain. Even worse, just one blacklisted email can destroy a company’s reputation and shut down their entire marketing operation.”

Marketo is addressing the issue by building on its existing relationship with StrongMail Systems, Inc. and embedding additional technologies from Return Path, Inc. The result is a unique combination of tools and services that help marketers steer clear of dreaded blacklists and reach their prospects’ inboxes.

“The success of our email campaigns is critical to the success of our overall marketing strategy, and it gives me such piece of mind to know that Marketo is helping to take care of the details of deliverability in the background,” said Joyce Feltham, marketing program manager for Mobile Resource Management division of Trimble. “In fact, Marketo’s foundation for email delivery is so solid that we’re actually using Marketo for important emails outside of the marketing department to communicate with existing customers anytime we have critical information to share, for instance regarding a server update or holiday closing.”

For more details on Marketo’s offerings, go here.


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