Eyealike Unveils Image/Video Recognition Ad Solution


target1.jpgADOTAS – Eyealike is now offering its photo recognition expertise (previously used to find potential romantic partners) to the ad-targeting world. The company is touting the new Eyealike VisualAd as the “world’s first image and video-based contextual advertising platform for social networks and rich media Web sites.”

Users will be able to place highly targeted ads next to pictures and videos on their site, based on technology that can identify a gaggle of visual traits and categories, including gender, age, hair and eye color and ethnicity. Eyealike VisualAd is also able to identify logos and product images.

“The industry is unable to really optimize their rich media assets,” Greg Heuss, president of Eyealike, told ADOTAS. “The CPM rate base is flattening and AdWords is falling short quarter by quarter. We believe that comes from a lot of content and a lot of irrelevant ads. We fill that gap; right now, we can serve up a specifically targeted travel ad next to someone standing next to a photo of the Eiffel Tower.”

The ad model is similar to Google’s approach to AdWords, Heuss explained. But it’s based on an automated method that quickly indexes, filters, and classifies images and videos rather than relying on keywords to place targeted ads alongside rich media.

Eventually, Eyealike VisualAd aims to ramp up the typical CPM rates on large social sites, ranging from $.08 to $.12, to 15 times that, at $2 to $20 and up.

“Keywords and profile data tell us a lot about users, but imagine being able to serve up relevant ads to consumers based on facial or physical attributes, or specific objects in images or videos such as Gucci sunglasses, or even logos like Nike,” Heuss said. “With the visual nature of the Internet coupled with the vast amount of user-generated content, Eyealike VisualAd delivers the first real solution that helps websites comprehend the context of images and videos and uses this intelligence to present relevant ads that reach targeted customers.”

Eyealike is managed by experts who have built and brought to market products and Web sites that are used by millions worldwide including IAC, Amazon, Disney/ESPN, and Siemens.


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