Escapism and Today’s Economy


vespa3.jpgADOTAS — Now is about the time of year when we are all making sure we have those holiday campaigns lined up. You know the ones – the Halloween costumes, turkey fryers and stocking stuffers that some ad reps dread landing because they know they will only make a few quick bucks.

However, this year may be the year for these types of offers though. With the economy in its current dismal state, many people are looking for any way to forget about tumultuous gas prices, the plummeting stock market and seemingly never ending foreclosures. Experts are already noting what they are deeming the “Escapist” trend. Our first major holiday of the season, Halloween, is seeing an increase in sales – “Nearly two-thirds (64.5%) of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year and will spend an average of $66.54, according to the National Retail Federation’s Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, conducted by BIGresearch.” Thanksgiving should be a big event for most since it celebrates one of the few things people have to be thankful for at the moment, family.

People want to participate in these holidays, but are shopping with their eyes out for a deal or discount. This is where affiliate marketing has a chance to step in, help out and make some money.

Instead of sending out holiday cards at $3 a pop for the card and $.42 a stamp -why not send a friend or family member an E-Card?

Looking for a killer Halloween costume for that party (which is extra popular because even when people’s bank accounts are low, bars are typically not the first to take a hit)? Look no further than MySpace, where you will no doubt find a plethora of Half Price Costumes and coupons.

Hosting the family for Thanksgiving? Be sure to check out Google for discounts on groceries and free shipping on that turkey fryer.

Need stocking stuffers or a letter from Santa for the little one? Check your email.

With any luck, the new year will bring a new wind to the economy. But to really see volume AND lend a hand this holiday season, I recommend promoting the holiday themed discounts, coupons, gifts and freebies. You can’t go wrong!


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