Crispy Gamer Roars Out of the Gate


racer.jpgADOTAS – This is an auspicious start: Indie videogaming site Crispy Gamer has just launched with 1 million unique visitors and $8.25 million in funding from Constellation Ventures and the company’s founders. The company is being led by Chris Heldman, former head of media entertainment at Google, who recruited John Keefer, former editorial director at GameSpy, and Chris Hoerenz, former chief marketing officer at eMusic, to co-found the venture.

“Crispy Gamer was formed with a respect for the place of games in popular culture,” CEO Chris Heldman explained. “Gaming is a massive entertainment medium that draws an incredibly passionate, opinionated and dedicated fan base. We want to serve the gamer culture with an honest voice and a contemporary community experience. To seal our authenticity for critical opinion, we will eliminate any perceived or actual sway dictated by ad dollars coming from the game publishers.”

The company is focused on attracting non-game advertisers and has actually refused to accept advertising from game publishers. Crispy Gamers said it believes the financial freedom “allows for fearless and credible industry reporting, which draws a discerning and informed audience. Crispy Gamer believes its insistence on independence, authenticity and its fresh approach to community building also benefit its non-endemic advertisers eager to connect with the tough-to-reach-and-influence gamer demographic.”

Crispy Gamer aims to become the destination for the gamer generation, allowing gamers and experts to come together to share opinions and information on games and the gaming culture in general.


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