comScore Extends Web Measurement Services


measuring.jpgADOTAS – comScore has introduced Extended Web measurement, which, as the name implies, extends its flagship Media Metrix audience measurement service. It allows the tracking of distributed Web content across third party sites, enables more precise measurement of publisher ad packages, and introduces a granular Gross Ratings Point (“GRP”) measure for online ads in order to facilitate the comparison of online media with traditional media. This new capability is available to clients on a global basis.

“In today’s Internet landscape, a Web page has evolved to become a platform for distributing content and advertising inventory originating outside the confines of the publisher’s Web server,” said Linda Boland Abraham, comScore executive vice president. “With so much distributed content being leveraged for syndication or advertising delivery, both advertisers and publishers have demonstrated an interest in better understanding the reach of these extended content offerings and the nature of their audiences. comScore Extended Web measurement addresses those needs.”

The reporting will be available for platforms and publishers that work with comScore to identify the technology and objects used to distribute this content. Participants will also be able to report the actual delivery of ads on their site or within their network. For example, an advertiser considering a “College Football” ad package from a site or network will be able to get a highly granular estimate of the reach and audience demographics of that specific ad package.

comScore is also adding a measure of GRPs to facilitate the comparison of online media with traditional media. This new metric leverages comScore’s ad identification technology and the ability to measure ad impressions at the level of an individual Internet user. This is the first time a GRP metric will be available for online media at this level of granularity, comScore said.
“This new functionality demonstrates comScore’s commitment to offer the most powerful, granular and innovative audience measurement services,” said Dr. Magid Abraham, president and CEO of comScore. “Our focus on added value and actionable information is aimed at helping us attract new clients, expand our relationship with our existing clients, and strengthen our competitive position in the marketplace.”


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