Click Forensic Unmasks Weapon in Trademark Infringement Battle


outlawsmall.jpgADOTAS – Click Forensics is unveiling technology that will enable interactive advertisers to identify sites and parked domains that are infringing on trademarks. Users will also be able to pinpoint which sites are siphoning away the most search advertising traffic so they can nab those abusers first.

Click Forensics introduced the technology at the SMX East Conference. The product has been dubbed Click Forensics for Advertisers. Similar to a spam filter, Click Forensics for Advertisers delivers regular updates on new sites and sources perpetrating click fraud, trademark infringement or those sending bad traffic to clients and members.

“The impact of trademark infringement in search advertising goes beyond consumer annoyance,” said Paul Pellman, CEO of Click Forensics. “It’s affecting the advertising budgets of major brands as they’re forced to spend more money to get the high-quality search traffic that is rightly theirs. We’re helping to change that by giving brands a tool they can use to fight back.”

“The Trademark Use report from Click Forensics is another powerful weapon in the battle to improve search advertising traffic quality,” said Mike Brown, Vice President of Internet Marketing for, the official Vegas travel site. “It allows advertisers to more quickly identify and stop trademark infringement online, which helps boost the performance of pay per click advertising initiatives.”

Click Forensics provides traffic quality management solutions for online advertisers, publishers, and ad networks. Click Forensics is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and is privately held with funding from Sierra Ventures, Austin Ventures and Shasta Ventures.


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