BlueKai, interCLICK Partner To Rev Up Online Campaign Results


geotarget.jpgADOTAS – Online data exchange BlueKai and ad network interCLICK are teaming up to increase scale and targeting precision for online advertising campaigns across interCLICK’s ad network, the companies said.

“At BlueKai, our model is built on a belief that intent data is THE essential ingredient that drives efficient targeting for any online advertising initiative. The campaign success realized by interCLICK and its automotive client is a true validation of this emerging model,” said Omar Tawakol, CEO, BlueKai. “We look forward to a continued partnership with interCLICK to deliver marketing value to their clients, but at the same time, bring consumer participation and control into the equation.”

After a recent test, the companies report that one auto manufacturer’s in-market campaign gained significant traction. Some of the highlights:

  • interCLICK supplemented its own vertical market data with data it acquired and customized from BlueKai to return a response rate two-to-three times greater than ordinarily achieved with traditional contextual or demographic targeting.
  • With the BlueKai data it had validated and tested, interCLICK clearly identified an audience of auto prospects who displayed intent to purchase a specific type of car from its client’s and competitors’ brands.
  • Once the campaign launched, performance even outperformed advertiser re-targeting while delivering much higher reach, proving that BlueKai data was the most effective data source interCLICK tested for this campaign.
  • Incorporating BlueKai data, interCLICK assembled a qualified in-market auto audience of more than 3.1 million impressions in less than one month.
  • With interCLICK’s deep network transparency, the auto manufacturer was able to see how well its campaign performed on a site-by-site basis across the network in order to adjust segments and allocations for future campaigns.

“We understand that behavioral targeting is only as good as the data, which is why we team with providers like BlueKai to deliver greater campaign transparency and performance to our clients,” said Michael Katz, president, interCLICK. “It’s not just about collecting volumes of data on would-be buyers, it’s about finding the best data and delivering access to consumers in the right context, at the right time.”


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