Tribal Fusion Vet To Helm 1020 Placecast


localadssmall.jpgADOTAS – Erstwhile Tribal Fusion VP Alistair Goodman has been named CEO of interactive media concern 1020 Placecast.
“I think Tribal Fusion is a great company, but I had been there almost four years and it was time for me to do something new,” Goodman told ADOTAS. “I spoke with many companies, some very big corporations and other startups, but it quickly became very apparent to me that 1020 Placecast is at the cutting edge of innovation and the Internet and I wanted to be a part of that.”
Goodman was hired as part of Placecast’s broader strategy to capitalize on its cross-channel, location-based advertising network. Placecast’s advertising solution aims to unlock valuable, relevant audiences for advertisers across the Web, mobile, Wi-Fi and email. Goodman will manage its growing team of advertising, wireless and tech experts.
Goodman moved to Placecast in part because he believes that Placecast’s focus on location-based advertising is the wave of the future.
“The first generation of advertising on the Web was buying content as a proxy for audience,” he said. “We then launched into a wave of buying profiles based on observed and now modeled behavior. Each of these has delivered adequate results for marketers, but has also brought with it a host of issues including privacy and complexity. With GPS technology becoming pervasive and a large amount of content having a location component, I believe that the next generation of the Web will use the idea of location to create relevancy and understand intent, and deliver content and advertising to any device wherever a user connects. Yahoo’s announcement of Fire Eagle and the release of Google Gears location API for developers are two leading indicators of this new trend: the former giving users the ability to manage their location data, and the latter enabling developers to build ‘location-aware’ applications.”
Alistair joins the 1020 Placecast team with more than 20 years experience in marketing and advertising across various industries. Prior to joining Exponential Interactive, the parent company of Tribal Fusion, as its VP of strategic marketing, he led the North American business division for Corven, a U.K.-based management-consulting firm, where his clients included a variety of Fortune 500 companies.
1020, Inc. is the developer and owner of Placecast Media, what it says is the first online advertising network to target highly sought-after audiences using location-based information across the Web, mobile and Wi-Fi.


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