Greystripe Campaign Revs Up RadioShack Awareness


breakdance.jpgADOTAS – In-game mobile advertising network and distribution platform Greystripe is pumped about a recent mobile campaign it executed for RadioShack: The campaign resulted in an impressive 8.4% bump (from 15.8% to 24.2%) in brand awareness, significantly outperforming the mobile norms for unaided brand awareness by 2.2%.

Greystripe also said that there was a 5.9% increase in the number of respondents who agreed that RadioShack is a “Top Wireless Store.” Women seemed to be most receptive to the campaign. A closer look at the brand metrics by gender revealed that the ad campaign resonated best with the female audience, as several significant metric increases were observed within this segment. The campaign also performed well with respondents ages 25-34. Among this group, unaided brand awareness increased by 10.9%, while the “Top Wireless Store” metric jumped 16.7%.


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