Buddy Media Unveils Social Campaign Measurement Tools


tools1.jpgADOTAS – Social media advertising shop Buddy Media has unveiled BuddyBrain, a social control center that will help advertisers and brand marketers gauge just how well their campaigns are doing.

BuddyBrain will serve as the social control center for all app-vertising campaigns, including communication and analytic tools, reference materials and social media trends and research. Created with clients’ input, the company said the product offers a user-friendly interface, making social app-vertising campaigns accessible, accountable and results-driven.

BuddyBrain has already compiled aggregate data from 10 of Buddy Media’s top app-vertisements. Here’s what it found:

• The app-vertisements averaged 140,000 installs during the first month of a campaign
• Users spent an average of 2 minutes, 35 seconds interacting with applications
• This engagement is 75x’s greater than the time consumers spend interacting with traditional banner ads and 5x’s greater than the time consumers spend interacting with TV ads
• 85% of users who installed the application(s) returned for multiple interactions
• 56% of users returned 9 or more times during the first month

“Many advertisers and marketers are becoming aware of the value in advertising through social media channels, but have yet to do so because of an inaccurate perception that no methods or tools exist to sufficiently measure the reach and success of a campaign,” said Michael Lazerow, CEO of Buddy Media. “We’ve spent the past few months developing the BuddyBrain to combat these very fears to both entice more brands to make the leap into social advertising and to better service our existing clientele.”

Buddy Media was launched in 2007. Clients include FedEx, New Balance, Time Inc. and Microsoft.



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