BlueKai Minds Its P’s and Q’s With New Data Exchange


target1.jpgADOTAS – New kid on the block BlueKai has launched what it’s billing as the online industry’s first “polite” data exchange. It’s focused on intent data and consumer control; BlueKai partners with data sellers to aggregate anonymous shopping and research behaviors across the Internet and auctions that data to drive monetization in a privacy-friendly way, enabling buyers to boost ad targeting quality and scale.

The company asserts that separating access of data from access of media enables advertisers, ad networks and publishers to buy and own online data that will boost the scale and quality of their ad-targeting initiatives. BlueKai focuses on intent data that include purchase-driven behaviors such as searches for auto, travel and product comparisons.

“BlueKai’s vision for a data exchange stemmed from solving a fundamental online advertising challenge: the ability to assemble truly qualified online audiences at significant scale. At the core, the industry lacks a standard for defining audience quality and it has become acceptable for audience definitions to be vague and inconsistent,” said Omar Tawakol, the new company’s CEO. “At BlueKai, we believe that data access will re-invent the way the industry thinks about online ad targeting. Much like the offline world, where people buy highly qualified lists to reach their audiences, BlueKai will bring the same level of intelligence, clarity and targeting maturity to the online community.”

In a privacy initiative BlueKai will enable consumers to see the information that has been collected about them through BlueKai data providers.

BlueKai received $3.2 million in developmental capital in a round led by investor, Redpoint Ventures. Redpoint Ventures is a leading high-tech venture capital firm with over $2 billion under management and has invested in several leading online players, including Myspace, RightMedia, Efficient Frontier, HomeAway and Gaia Online.


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