Study: Careful Aiming Olympics Budget at Teens


bruno1.jpgADOTAS – Brand marketers should tread carefully when reaching out to the teen and tween market for the Summer Olympics, according to findings from Harris Interactive.

Less than half, or 46%, of 13-18 year olds in the U.S. express an interest in the upcoming Olympics, including only 27% who say they are extremely or very interested. Older teen boys (ages 16-18) show the greatest interest and represent the only age group where over half of youth are interested in the sporting event. Teens overall are a larger audience for the Olympics than tweens (ages 8-12) who report only a 28% interest.

“The results of this survey indicate that teens have not yet caught Olympics-fever. Marketers and advertisers may think that teens are a natural constituency for the Games, since many of the Olympic competitors are the same age. Our findings, however, indicate that the Olympics have not yet captured the majority of hearts and minds of today’s teens in the U.S.,” commented Dana Markow, Ph.D, VP senior consultant, Harris Interactive Youth Center of Excellence.

The results are even more grim for online advertising. TV will be the primary medium for teens to follow the Olympics this summer. Six in ten, or 59%, say that they plan to watch Olympics sporting events on TV. A far smaller number of teens are interested in reading about, 22%, or watching, 14%, Olympic sporting events online. Similar to an overall interest in the Olympics, plans to follow the Games online increase significantly with age. This is consistent with the trend for youth to spend an increasing amount of time online as they get older.

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