MOG Unveils Bloggy Ad Network


rockingout.jpgADOTAS – MOG, a music-blogging platform, has launched the MOG Music Network – an ad network for indie music blogs and sites. The network already has more than 30 blogs and site affiliates in place, including Indie Music Filter, Punk Turns 30 and White Folks Get Crunk.

Partners can embed widgets from other blogs onto their sites. The network also allows partners to customize the ads on their site. Revenue will be shared 50/50 between MOG and partners on a CPM basis.

“We’re not just repping ads here,” said David Hyman, MOG’s CEO and founder. “MOG has already built the largest pure music blogging platform. Now we’re opening MOG’s doors and integrating independent music blogs into our platform. They get to find a brand new audience while benefiting from our back end of community and streaming music.”

Hyman continued, “The inspiration for MOG Music Network came directly from music bloggers; they wanted to write once, and publish multiple times — simultaneously on their own blogs and throughout the MOG network. We delivered that capability as well as the opportunity to generate ad revenue.”

MOG also said that it has welcomed record producer Rick Rubin to its board of directors.

MOG was launched in July of 2006.


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