Lyris ListManager 10 Delivers


mailbox.jpgADOTAS – Lyris Inc. announced today the newest version of its flagship on-premise email marketing engine, Lyris ListManager 10, Delivery Edition. ListManager 10 enables marketers to address their deliverability issues of email marketing as well as minimizes IT involvement for users. Wes Owen, VP of Net Atlantic stated “The most important thing for our business is to ensure that we get realistic message deliverability and Lyris ListManager 10 never drops that ball.”

ListManager 10 uses “mailstreams” and introduces MailStream Optimization. Mailstreams is the ability to send campaign emails in parallel over multiple IP addresses. This improves inbox delivery rates. MailStream Optimization enables marketers to group qualified subscribers on one IP address, allowing them to maintain a high reputation score. Two more major new features to ListManager 10 include Smart Bounce Processing, which saves legitimate email address and weeds out invalid ones; and Dynamic Block Reaction, which allows systems to dynamically adjust connection limitation properties in real-time based on response codes from the ISP. It also tracks the historical connection behavior for the optimal number of connections for each ISP.


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