Kiwibox Gives Teen Social Network a Makeover


teenagers.jpgADOTAS – Kiwibox, a social network produced for and by teens, announced the launch of Kiwibox 2.0. The latest version offers enhanced features and functionality to the network and online zine.

New features include: profile pages that feature drag and drop customization, enhanced privacy settings and new widget capabilities; new KiwiGames that roughly double the site’s current offerings and Kiwibox TV, exclusive on-camera interviews with celebs conducted by Kiwibox teen video journalists.

“Kiwibox provides a positive outlet for teenage expression in an entertaining and informative environment,” said Lin Dai, chief executive officer at Kiwibox. “Kiwibox 2.0 provides a distinctive new look to the world of social networking, allowing teens to find their voice for even more creative expression and information sharing. Members in our community actively engage with each other around content in ways that aren’t possible on other social networks.”

Kiwibox has grown its community organically to more than 1.8 million members; it is a unit of Magnitude Information Systems, Inc.



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