InPrivate Could “Undermine the Economies of the Internet”


explosion.jpgADOTAS – Online advertisers are all atwitter over the latest version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser – and for good reason. While most browsers allow users to browse without ads, the privacy options inherent in the latest version will make it much more difficult for advertisers to reach consumers.

One new option, called InPrivate Blocking, was designed so that consumers can browse sites anonymously, in effect shielding their online habits from marketers and advertisers, and making it that more difficult to serve accurately targeted ads to consumers.

InPrivate can:

  • Easily delete browsing history, cookies.
  • Block tracking pixels, cookies and pieces of code third-party sites use to track surfing activity.

Many members of the industry are concerned – especially in this economic environment – about the ramifications of InPrivate.

“It has the potential to undermine the economies of the Internet,” Mike Zaneis, vice president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, told The Washington Post.

Mozilla is set to release an updated Firefox with similar features late this year.


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