Click-2-Call Patents To Be Auctioned Off


auction3.jpgADOTAS — IpAuction, Inc. will be auctioning the worldwide portfolio of U.S. patents in the “click-2-call” space owned by Click Interconnect Inc. (CLICK) of Fort Lauderdale, FL. President of CLICK, Ernesto Liebster is currently evaluating proposals for exclusive licensing right that CLICK could accept prior to the auction date of September 16, 2008.

Mr. Liebster said, “The online advertising industry is already a $45 billion business, and according to The Kelsey Group, is expected to reach $147 billion globally by 2012. We strongly feel that our click-2-call portfolio of patents is uniquely positioned to facilitate growth and add value to the online advertising industry.”

The U.S. Patent applications explain one of CLICK’s click-2-call technologies in this way: “It is an objective of the invention to enable a push model for a system and method of operation of a hybrid communication system employing a switched telephone network and a packet data network that implements push model methodology … between a merchant and a prospective end user customer.”

Many companies already have been invited to participate in IpAuction’s sale of these important click-2-call patents, including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon, Vonage, Sprint, GoDaddy, AOL and other qualified businesses within the Internet and telecommunication industries.

CLICK’s original 1999 patent application was prepared and filed by Mr. Robert E. LeBlanc, a former patent director of Bell Labs. Mr. LeBlanc also was involved in the preparation and filing of the applications for the Verizon patents that were recently part of an infringement lawsuit against Vonage. This lawsuit was settled in favor of Verizon in October 2007 for more than $120 million.

CLICK has identified dozens of companies that may be infringing on its patents. The acquiring company, with adequate resources available, could aggressively defend these patents and gain powerful competitive advantage in the online advertising industry, according to Mr. Liebster.


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