Azoogle Ads Gets Ranked


girlglass.jpgADOTAS — Today Epic Advertising, an online performance marketing company, announced that its performance display ad network division, Azoogle Ad Network, has been ranked the 28th largest ad network domestically for July by ComScore, Inc. The company’s monthly reach through the Azoogle Ad Display Network now spans over 40 million unique visitors a month. July marks the first time the company or any of its business units have been publicly ranked by ComScore, Inc.

Michael Sprouse, CMO of Epic Advertising stated “These results are very positive for us and highlight an important piece of our compelling overall growth story in 2008. Our reach via display advertising in the U.S., as these rankings indicate, coupled with the reach numbers we track internally through Search, show a position of strength in the global online marketing ecosystem to the tune of over 22 billion ad impressions served per month worldwide. We are becoming a growing force in providing advertisers and agencies with a wide range of effective marketing solutions, whether through display, search, social network monetization, text ads, video advertising, pCPM and more. We don’t just buy impressions; rather, we ensure our marketing and targeting efforts across all platforms are tailored to each client individually.”


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