9% of Consumers Prefer Emerging Media Ads


people_small.jpgADOTAS – Only about 9% of Americans prefer ads delivered via “emerging media” – the vast majority like to get their ads in mainstream media, according to a study from Mediamark Research & Intelligence.

While those who like emerging media ads represent a small segment of the population, they represent the segment that advertisers most want to target: their median ages is 35.5, younger than the median age in any of the other five segments MRI studied.

They also appear to be influential decision-makers. The emerging media group was much more likely than other groups to agree with the following statements:

I’m always one of the first of my friends to try new products or services.
I follow the latest trends and fashions.
Brand name is the best indication of quality.
A celebrity endorsement may influence me to consider or buy a product.

“Consumers who prefer advertising messages delivered through their mobile devices and through product placement tend to be younger, pro-innovation, pro-celebrity and pro-fashion,” said Ann Marie Kelly, vice president of marketing and strategic planning at MRI. “Today’s marketers are extending their messaging through non-traditional advertising vehicles to engage today’s busy audiences. This segmentation analysis helps them to target the kinds of consumers most receptive to their media plan.”


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