Veoh Launches New BT Sytem


target1.jpgADOTAS – Veoh Networks, an Internet TV service, has launched a new behavioral targeting system designed to connect interactive marketers (and their video and display ads) with Veoh viewers based on their interests.

The system is in beta. It combines video consumption, searching, browsing and community activity data from Veoh’s 28 million plus viewers so that marketers can send branded ads and content to viewers across a variety of lifestyle and interest categories.

“With more than a billion video views every quarter, Veoh is in the unique position to observe viewer behaviors and patterns across various forms and sources of content at an unprecedented scale,” said Steve Mitgang, Chief Executive Officer, Veoh Networks. “By helping marketers connect with their target consumers – no matter what type or length of video they’re watching – Veoh is unlocking the tremendous opportunity in Internet video advertising.”

For example, if an advertiser wants to target, say, tech and gaming gurus in a video-rich environment, Veoh can deliver ads to the audience when they’re watching videos – or when they’re watching other types of programming.

On average, Veoh viewers consume more than 100 minutes of video per month on Veoh and spend 44% of their time on Veoh during traditional primetime television viewing hours. The company streamed more than 52 million hours of video in June.

Veoh has raised a total of $69.5 million in venture capital. Backers include Shelter Capital Partners, Goldman Sachs, Tom Freston, Jonathan Dolgen, Time Warner and Intel Capital.


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