Two Partners Give Zvents Broadest Listing Presence Online


localadssmall.jpgADOTAS – Local search engine and advertising network Zvents has announced two new partnerships with Microsoft and that will give Zvents the broadest listing presence on the Web.

As part of its deal with Microsoft, Zvents will work to enhance users’ experience on MSN City Guides. Zvents said it will team up with to power a mobile app for the iPhone that will make it easier for users to find events on the go and share the info with friends and family.

The Zvents local search and advertising network already comprises more than 250 newspaper publishing and media partners (including, San Jose Mercury News, and that use Zvents’ search engine and local content index to streamline publishing resources and power their sites with dynamic local content. Zvents has a “strong” presence in 2,000 cities in 32 countries, Paul O’Brien, VP of marketing at Zvents told ADOTAS.

“By the end of the summer, we’ll have a strong presence in about 2,500 cities,” he said.

“We’re really excited about our partnership with Microsoft and City Guides,” O’Brien said. “The national context is great – most of our partners make up local brands and MSN is our first partner that has a complete coverage of America. Now we effectively have a co-brand in every city in the U.S. It’ll add a lot of value to our index for advertisers because any ad we run is syndicated to every publisher’s site. We now offer the broadest opportunity for events listings online.”

With the Microsoft partnership, Zvents said it will likely have 10 million unique visitors a month (right now, they’re at about 6.5 million).

The partnership will expand the company’s presence on the mobile Web.

“Local search in its present context is insufficient,” O’Brien said. “But the Zvent mobile application works on a pinpoint basis. So if you’re walking around San Francisco and you want to find a music store, users are presented with much more relevant, targeted results. And advertisers can take advantage of the tool because they’ll be reaching someone who at that moment is ready to buy something – sending them targeted ads and promos will garner much better results.”

Zvents allows events promoters and organizers to distribute information for free on their network; recently, it offered an enhanced listing product in which merchants can add video and other interactive elements to their listing and be highlighted and featured in the search results.


  1. We have just launched a new cityguide which is essentially a video yellow pages website with a socail spin. We believe that social and video will change the small business space

  2. Local search is it currently exists needs a lot of work. We’ve just launched a site that combines video and social in a manner that we feel really connects the consumer with the local businesses in their area. Take a look.

  3. Finding what is happening around the place you are currently located is fine, but what if nothing appears in your local area ?

    And what about finding where your friends are or would like to do.

    That is even more local, fun and useful, isn’t it.


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