Tragic: Fugitive Spam King Kills Self, Wife, Daughter


legal13.jpgADOTAS – Eddie Davidson, a convicted penny-stock spammer, killed his wife, his 3-year-old daughter and then himself yesterday. Davidson escaped from a minimum-security federal prison in Florence, Colo. over the weekend, where he was in the fifth week of a 21-month sentence.

A seven-month-old baby boy survived as did a teenage girl who was shot in the neck. Their relation to the family is unclear at this point.

The three bodies were found in a car in Bennett, Colorado, where Davidson used to run his spam business. His wife was spotted in the car with him just after he left prison on Sunday. He was last seen in Lakewood, Colo., where he changed his clothes and got cash.

Between 2003 and 2006, Davidson earned millions with his spam business, called Power Promoters. He specialized in making his messages appear as if they came from legitimate companies, and often sent them to hundreds of thousands of recipients on behalf of an unnamed Houston-based company.

“What a nightmare, and such a coward,” said U.S. Attorney Troy Eid in an e-mailed statement. “Davidson imposed the ‘death penalty’ on family members for his own crime.”


  1. Sad, so many hurt by this.

    The one thought that comes to mind is that if this was an illegal immigrant, the ACLU and other groups would be blaming the DOJ and law enforcement.


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