Gossip Round-Up: $Millions Lost, Heads Rolling, Fisticuffs, Oh My


security1.jpg ADOTAS – T. Boone Pickens is ruing the day he followed in Carl Icahn’s steps and snapped up 10 million shares of the tottering Yahoo. Boone’s sold the stock, at a loss of about $50 million. (He’s pinning the blame on Yahoo’s “pathetic” management.)

Just like marriages, some mergers are seamless, while others are a tad more volatile. Alcatel-Lucent falls into the latter camp, posting six quarters of losses in a row. CEO Patricia Russo is leaving by the end of 2008, while chairman Serge Tchuruk is being shown the door on Oct. 1.

Justin.tv’s Justin Kan took off his shirt and picked a fight with OpenHulu creator and Ustream.tv bee Matt Schlicht at a TechCrunch party this weekend, Valleywag reports.

The beef? Content poaching!

A source told Valleywag:

“Justin got introduced to some guy sitting down and quickly started yelling and waving his arms. Justin accused the guy of stealing his broadcasters, using words like ‘incessant’ and ‘out of control.’ Justin then said something about ‘staying off his fucking site’ or that he’ll just ‘break the guy’s face’, with his fists clenched. The guy just sat there pretty calmly and simply asked Justin for more than 1 example of content poaching. After Justin stumbled to answer the guy continued to say ‘this is not worth my time.’ Stumped, Justin kind of gave up, apologized, and walked away embarrassed.”


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