Google Buys Video Startup Omnisio


google_small.jpgADOTAS – Google has purchased video startup Omnisio for a rumored $15 million. Omnisio allows users to publish their own compilations of video mashups, annotate them and synchronize Slideshare presentations.

Omnisio’s team will join YouTube where the top tech gurus will work on integrating their systems and making YouTube even more interactive.

The Omnisio buy is a tacit acceptance of YouTube’s failed “remixing” feature.

From YouTube’s official blog:

“The Omnisio team has tremendous technical expertise when it comes to advanced video tools and having this kind of talent at YouTube should help us further explore ways to enhance your YouTube experience.

We believe we’ve only scratched the surface in terms of what’s possible with online video, so stay tuned for other tools and features that will let you do even more with your videos.”


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