Goodmail: Video-in-Email the Next Goldmine


blogger.jpgADOTAS EXCLUSIVE — Email marketing can be both effective and controversial. As a marketer, this is a great opportunity to reach a targeted group of engaged customers. However, you do run the risk of some of your messages getting lost, falling through the cracks or getting spammed. E-mail marketer Goodmail, has gone to great lengths to ensure deliverability — and the company’s clients say its results speak for themselves.Albert Lee of StubHub said “Goodmail’s CertifiedMail is one of the best solutions we’ve encountered that’s dedicated to resolving the most common challenge email marketers face — deliverability. Their proactive approach to addressing the problem was not only easy to implement, but helped us overcome our deliverability issues, including AOL blocking, almost immediately. Unlike other solutions that leave you unsure about what needs to be adjusted in the content, Goodmail’s main focus is one thing: get their clients’ emails into the inboxes of their customers. Though companies like us should always be cautious about what appears in our emails, there shouldn’t be a need to simplify the content if the communication is valid and authorized by the customer for the sake of deliverability. The customers should ultimately be the ones who decide what emails they should receive, not a set of spam filters that can’t always make that determination.”

Jordan Cohen, Senior Director of Industry Relations for the firm took the time to speak with ADOTAS about this dynamic sector of the industry.

ADOTAS: Jordan, your previous experience is with Epsilon. What were your responsibilities there and how has that prepared you to be senior director of industry relations at Goodmail?

JORDAN COHEN: I had a number of responsibilities at Epsilon, including managing the company’s ISP and industry relationships. The company is one of the largest senders of commercial email in the world; it deployed more than 40 billion messages last year on behalf of hundreds of leading brands.

A big part of my job always involved working with trade groups, industry partners and other stakeholders to improve the consumer email experience and the power of the channel for marketers; from promoting the adoption of authentication, accreditation and reputation solutions, to educating firms about the importance of best practices, relevancy and respecting consumer privacy.

I’ve kept my finger on the pulse of the email industry for many years now, and have watched Goodmail evolve and grow since the company’s inception. CertifiedEmail offers a truly unique value proposition for marketers and their customers, and I am excited to have the opportunity to work with our industry partners and senders to unleash the solution’s – and ultimately the channel’s – full potential.

ADOTAS: What has the recent IDC study on online ad spending, specifically on video ads, meant for Goodmail? With rich media in email, is there any complication being categorized as spam?

COHEN: According to the IDC study, online ad spending is going to double between now and 2012, to more than $51.1 billion. As part of that, online video ad spending will lead the shift, growing seven-fold during the same time period. I think there is an opportunity for email to be a primary beneficiary of this wave and finally get the respect it deserves from corporate marketing departments. (Note that by comparison, JupiterResearch estimates 2012 email spending will be only $2.1 billion).

One of the biggest challenges holding back email today is the medium’s modest functionality for advertisers. Even basic images and links in email are routinely hidden or blocked upon arrival in consumers’ inboxes because they can be used to propagate viruses and spyware. And when it comes to running scripts, rich media, video etc. in email – fugghetaboudit!

That’s where Goodmail comes in. CertifiedEmail senders’ messages are delivered to ISPs through a private port-of-entry – each one authenticated, certified and affixed with a cryptographic token – guaranteeing to ISPs and recipients alike that they are safe and secure. As a result, ISPs are able to immediately display images and links in CertifiedEmail messages.

For the same reason that ISPs can trust CertifiedEmail senders’ links and images, they can eventually introduce trusted video and rich media into email. Imagine a system that says to the ISP “the video in this message has been certified and is safe.”

Senders from a variety of industries would love to include video streams directly in their emails, and at the end of the day, consumers will be the biggest winners when they’re able to view breaking news and sports and entertainment video content in real-time directly in their email readers.



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