Flypaper Studio Launches Flypaper Pro


web20_small.jpgADOTAS – Flypaper Studio, Inc., is announcing the release of Flypaper Pro and the general availability of their flagship product, Flypaper (a rich media app that enables subscribers to create, edit and share interactive presentations and other content for live or Web-based delivery).

Flypaper Pro is a business solution that allows subscribers to track viewer stats, capture data, host content online and add design elements (i.e. charts/graphs). The service is available as a yearly subscription of $195 a year (with an introductory offer that’s valid through August 31).

“When we were developing leading CRM applications, the focus was using software to sell more efficiently. Now, the name of the game is using the Web to sell more effectively. That’s what Flypaper Pro is designed to accomplish,” said Pat Sullivan, CEO of Flypaper Studio. “Flypaper Pro will allow subscribers to create and share persuasive Flash quality Stories, then modify their sales strategy based on viewer data. Never before have businesses had one application that allowed them to do all of this.”

The application touts a variety of features, including: a dashboard for interactive reporting; interactive forms to capture data input; a host anywhere options and 1 Gigabyte of story storage space.

In addition to launching Flypaper Pro, the standard Flypaper application is now generally available and still offered as a free download from the company’s Web site. Subscribers can select from hundreds of professionally designed templates and sample presentations that can be downloaded, customized and reused endlessly. The latest feature enhancements to the free version include PowerPoint import (turn existing PowerPoint presentations into Flypaper Stories), enhanced media search and library (search and store free images and videos from YouTube, Google and Flickr from within the application), and simplified story sharing.


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