Does Cartier’s Move To MySpace Augur Social Media’s Ascent?


lifestyle.jpg ADOTAS – Diamonds are a social site’s best friend? While images of Cartier and its diamond-encrusted clients may not be the first thing that springs to mind when contemplating MySpace’s aggressively plugged-in user base, the luxury brand has set up shop on the social site.

(Cartier currently has around 4,000 friends, among them Sting and Lou Reed). Cartier’s MySpace page advertises its Love jewelry line and includes romantic music and film clips.

Cartier is one of the first luxury brands to create a presence in the social networking world, but it clearly believes that blending marketing, entertainment and word of mouth is essential to any major brand’s ad push. We can’t help but think that other tech-savvy luxe brands will be following in their well-heeled footsteps.


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