Clickbooth Provides Exclusive Network to Top Publishers


hispeed.jpgADOTAS — Clickbooth, the Florida-based CPA network founded by John Lemp in 2002, has spearheaded a unique approach toward high-level publishers: the aptly-named Exclusive Network. Clickbooth latched onto the idea about a year ago, Graham Gochneaur, Clickbooth’s vice president of marketing, said.

“We’ve seen the movement within the last few months of networks talking about being transparent and having exclusive relationships on the marketing side. We had to chuckle as we have had those same concepts in place for over a year now,” said Gochneaur.

This transparency seems to be one of the key benefits for publishers lucky enough to even qualify for the Exclusive Network, an invitation-only service. Clickbooth advertisers have full transparency, along with the greatest volume of publishers working on their offers on the network. Additional pros abound: these publishers receive access to otherwise unavailable offers, they can test drive the latest marketing strategies, and they also enjoy the combination of slimmer margins and highest possible payout.

“Because of our exclusive channels on the distribution side we have been able to amass huge amounts of data and analyze trends and themes much faster than our competitors. The free flow of communication from the front lines to the back is efficient and effortless. We in turn take this data, analyze it and maximize the process of each transaction made online through the Clickbooth Network,” said Gochneaur. “Publishers love it because it guarantees that they are always running the hottest offers at the highest payouts, and advertisers love it because they are gaining access to the exclusive distribution channels that their competitors can’t.”

Clickbooth is the core subsidiary of IntegraClick, Inc.



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