Yahoo Prez Launches Re-Org in Face of Widespread Defections


yahoo_dark_small.jpgADOTAS – Yahoo staffers are bolting, and Susan Decker is trying to lock up the barn doors.

The latest who are rumored to have hit the road (per TechCrunch, Silicon Alley Insider):

Qi Lu, executive vice president of search and advertising technology group.

Jeremy Zawodny, database expert (he is headed to Craigslist).

Joshua Schacter, founder of delicious.

Brad Garlinghouse, a senior vice president who ran email and IM.

Jeff Weiner, who ran search (he’s now working with VC firms Accel Partners and Greylock Partners).

Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield, the lovebirds who founded Flickr (sold to Yahoo in 2005).

Microsoft isn’t helping: the software giant took out a full-page ad in Silicon Valley paper The Mercury News advertising for search jobs. (Microsoft currently has about 160 job posts in Silicon Valley – 133 were posted after February 1 when Microsoft launched its bid for Yahoo).

Yahoo laid off 7% of its workforce — about 1,000 employees — in February.

As staffers jump ship, Yahoo prez Susan Decker is pushing for a strategic re-org. Decker wants to centralize mail, search and the homepage division into a single global product organization, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

Yahoo’s chief, the beleaguered Jerry Yang, didn’t appear anywhere in the report, reviving speculation that he is on his way out too.


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