Study Probes Gadget Zealots’ Minds


digital_marketing_small.jpgADOTAS – Gadget fiends, as it turns out, are decisive, conceited boors. A new study from Mindset Media and Nielsen evaluated the characteristics of 25,000 U.S. adults and found that tech enthusiasts tended to score high in personality traits like leadership, dynamism and assertiveness – but they tanked in modesty.

According to the study, those who scored highest in leadership (“their style with others is both inclusive and decisive”) are 68% more likely to have purchased three of more computers in the past two years. Those scored highest in dynamism (“they believe the only place to be is in the thick of it; never on the sidelines”) are 58% more likely to have purchased three or more flat screen TVs in the past two years. Assertive people (“they know what they want and go after it with purpose”) are 62% more likely to purchase a new cell phone when the latest model hits the streets. Those who scored low in modesty (“they may be considered conceited or arrogant by others”) are cell phone enthusiasts and 45% more likely to upgrade when a new model’s available.

The study reaches far beyond the typical demographic data usually mined by marketers who want insight into the minds of their targets; as a result, it gives advertisers and marketers a powerful level of insight in how they should be crafting and executing their campaigns.

Mindset Media is an Internet ad network for brands.


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