SendLabs To “Take Over Email Marketing World”


pinky-and-brain.jpgADOTAS – Email marketing firm SendLabs has unveiled its latest email marketing software, SL6, which the company (perhaps just a tad hyperbolically?) pledges will “take over [the] email marketing world.” At least they’re ambitious!

SL6 was designed to give email marketers more power to manage their campaigns with less muss and fuss: the suite features 22 additions and upgrades in the areas of list and subscriber management; email and template management; reports and overall user experience. SendLabs said it will be able to eliminate pre-campaign spam and integrate with Google Analytics. The result: “email marketers dreams will finally be realized,” the company cooed.

“It’s time marketers get serious about their email and this is the tool they can use to do just that,” SendLabs President Brett Houle said. “Better and more effective email is a win-win for everyone and SL6 is how to get it done.”

SendLabs is offering a 30-day trial of the product and an evaluation of email marketers’ current program.


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