Search Service OrganizedWisdom Secures $2M


medical_advice_small.jpgADOTAS – OrganizedWisdom  Health, the first human-powered, doctor-guided search service for health has raised $2 million in Series A financing, led by ETF Venture Funds. (ETF has also seeded Take Care Health, Nutrisystem and Seamless Web). Tech visionary Esther Dyson (an early investor in Flickr and Delicious), Digitas Health co-founder Linda Holliday and 10 other angels also participated in the round.

OrganizedWisdom features more than 10,000 Wisdom Cards – hand-crafted search results pages on health topics from breast cancer to ADHD. The company hopes to hand-craft more than 50,000 of the most popular health search terms in the next 12 months.

Unity Stoakes, the co-founder and president of OrganizedWisdom told ADOTAS that she and co-founder and CEO Steven Krein saw a gap in the online market and jumped on it. The duo previously launched (it was acquired by  iVillage in 2002).

“As we mapped out our plans and thought about the industry sector we wanted to devote our energy to next, we both were adamant that our next company accomplish one major objective: help a lot of people,” Stoakes said. “As we looked into the health care sector in greater depth a few years ago we were stunned by the gap in health services that leveraged the power of Internet technologies or social media. It was like having a crystal ball, because it was just so obvious how to help more people using these technologies that every other industry sector has been using for years. And because neither Steve nor I had health backgrounds, it gave us the opportunity to look at the challenges of healthcare with a fresh perspective.”

While OrganizedWisdom is entering a crowded field of health information sites, the company said its approach is completely unique.

“OrganizedWisdom combines a team of human search experts, physician guides and health advocates to guide people to the very best health content on the Web,” Stoakes said. “Because OrganizedWisdom is a human-powered search service and don’t have to lead people to our own licensed content, we provide access to much more content than health portals like WebMD, Yahoo Health or Revolution Health. We often link to sites like WebMD, but we also review and link to thousands of other health resources.”

The company won’t share specific traffic numbers, but Stoakes said that it’s growing at “a rate of 35% to 60% a month – and we expect to have more than 1 million monthly uniques soon.”

OrganizedWisdom will use the funding on development initiatives and to extend its premium and mobile service offerings, including RequestWisdom, RecommendedWisdom and LiveWisdom.


  1. Sooo…Unity Stoakes is a ‘she’ now, eh? In any case, good site, good vision, and best of luck in your venture.


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