Search Marketers Can Cash In On Tomato Scare


search.jpgADOTAS – What happens when you type “tomato scare” into Google? News items – from lurid tales of salmonella poisoning to dire predictions about tomato growers – but an absolute dearth of ads.

(Well, there’s actually one sponsored link to The New York Times titled “Tomato Sales Halted.” So someone’s paying attention).

The point is, interactive marketers are once again dropping the ball and failing to capitalize on a huge search-engine advertising opportunity. It may be born from disaster, but that won’t stop the curious and jangled consumer from pecking at their keyboard in the hope of finding answers, an article in notes.

A panel dedicated to search marketing at the Conversational Marketing Summit (covered by tackled the tricky subject of capitalizing on consumers concerns in times of crisis.

A few suggestions:

Companies like Whole Foods (it pulled tomatoes from shelves last week) should market via search that they had addressed the problem, the site quotes Steak Media managing director Chrysi Philalithes as saying.

Companies should buy ads, issue press releases, write blog posts and buy contextual advertising to get their message out there, John Stylman, a managing partner at Reprise Media suggested.


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