Proximic Opens Contextual Ad Platform to Hoi Polloi


oldguy2.jpgADOTAS – Proximic, a new contextual advertising company, has announced a new DIY program that it says will enable publishers to monetize their traffic. While the platform was previously reserved for large global publishers, the company is putting out the welcome mat for mainstream media sites, blogs and other content producers who want to take advantage of the 50 million plus unique ads in its repository.

“We take ad depositories and make them relevant for publishers,” Proximic’s CEO, Philip Pieper, told ADOTAS. “We’re sitting on more ads than any other contextual network out there. We’re here to fill in gaps and publish impressions that have not been monetized.”

Proximic said that while publishers are under increasing pressure to monetize their online properties, they’re not getting much traction from traditional keyword-based search approaches – and semantic search methods don’t scale well for large inventories and serve ads too slowly.

Proximic’s language-independent approach reads and matches relevant content according to interconnected “patterns” that are not even based on words but which exist within each document, the company said. This proximity analysis approach enables publishers to automatically serve up meaningful content — articles, ads, products — without the need for keywords or preset categories. This approach, coupled with Proximic’s growing inventory of e-commerce catalogs from partners such as Yahoo! Shopping and eBay’s, helps publishers match more relevant ads to content, and therefore capture more revenue from their site traffic.

“The three most critical factors in monetizing content are relevant matching technology, larger ad inventories and more control over ad programs,” Pieper said. “Proximic’s self-service ad program equalizes the playing field to allow publishers of all sizes to reap the rewards of today’s powerful advertising economy.”


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