Obama Vs. Clinton: Who Won Online?


election20_small.jpgADOTAS – Obama has emerged victorious as the presumptive nominee. But did he beat Clinton when it came to his online strategy?

Viral campaigns, YouTube videos, behavioral targeting, social media … it all came into play. Over at AdAge, Antony Young weighs in with an interesting look at who won what and why. Both candidates spent about $120 million in the past year on their media and marketing activity, so their strategies and their wins and losses are worth considering. (Especially since the practice of politicians marketing themselves to the masses online is in its infancy).

Young’s analysis:

  • Obama won in the direct-response media game.
  • The candidates tied when it came to media cost effectiveness / ROI.
  • Obama beat Clinton at the initial branding campaign on television.
  • Clinton walloped Obama on tactical campaigns on television.
  • Clinton also bested Obama at search strategy.
  • But when it came to social media – Obama was the clear victor.

And overall? Obama also won. “His campaign’s ability to create personal relationships via mass-marketing techniques characterized his media strategy,” Young wrote. “The employment of digital media channels — notably his Web site, use of social media and e-mail marketing — helped gain younger voter support and proved effective in fundraising, a critical factor in sustaining a heavy marketing effort.”


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