Nokia Snaps Up Symbian; Plans To Rule Mobile World


topofworld.jpgADOTAS – Nokia has big plans: it announced that it has snapped up the remaining 52% stake in mobile software specialist Symbian that it didn’t already own, in a cash deal totaling about $410 million. The cell-phone manufacturer also took the opportunity to share its ambition to rule the mobile world.

Nokia and a handful of other electronics manufacturers (including AT&T, Motorola, Samsung and Sony) are also forming the Symbian Foundation, an alliance that any company can join. The foundation aims to rev up the development of Web applications for mobile consumers. It will also create one platform with a single interface that members can use under a royalty free license.

“Our vision is to become the most widely used software platform on the planet,” Nigel Clifford, CEO of Symbian, said in a written statement.

The ambitious statement is widely seen as a potshot at Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android.


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