NBC Digital Woos Advertisers With Show-Specific Data


internet_tv_small.jpgADOTAS – Do more viewers tune into “Heroes” or “The Office”? And who’s tuning in exactly? In response to advertisers’ demands, NBC Digital Entertainment will release data that shows how many viewers are tuning into online shows. NBC is the first TV network to make such data available to advertisers.

The show-specific streaming data (which will also be broken down by demographics) is being released in a bid to get interactive advertisers lining up to buy spots on the more popular shows, NBC said. The data will be released through Nielsen Online VideoCensus.

“Show-level data is something that advertisers have been asking for, and NBC Universal is confident the numbers we’re releasing through Nielsen Online’s VideoCensus are both accurate and illustrative of the dramatic engagement that content from NBC Digital Entertainment delivers,” Peter Naylor, senior vice president of digital media sales, said in a statement.


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